Could you help thousands of patients with narcolepsy by enrolling in this clinical trial?

Help make new treatments available by participating in a clinical trial evaluating a new narcolepsy medication. The REST-ON trial is currently enrolling patients with narcolepsy to participate in a Phase III clinical study evaluating an investigational once-nightly sodium oxybate. Sodium oxybate is a drug that is already approved to treat symptoms of narcolepsy, such as excessive daytime sleepiness and sudden muscle weakness (cataplexy). The trial will examine the safety and efficacy of an investigational extended-release version of sodium oxybate that is taken once nightly at bedtime.

Key Considerations

  • Patients must be at least 16 years of age to participate.
  • If you qualify to participate in the trial, all trial medication and medical expenses will be provided at no cost to you or your insurance.
  • You'll have access to a dedicated medical team of narcolepsy specialists and you may also be compensated for your time or travel.
Other criteria will apply to determine full eligibility for the trial.

Do you know someone with narcolepsy who may be interested in the REST-ON clinical trial? Ask them to visit to learn more.